Encouraging the more worldly wise amongst us to live independently is increasingly more important. This is largely due to the steady increase in life expectancy. Just 30 years ago, in 1990, the average life expectancy was 75. Today,  this has increased to 81 years of age, with predictions being made of a steeper increase over the next 30 years.


Statistic: Life expectancy (from birth) in the United Kingdom from 1765 to 2020* | Statista
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Along with the wonders of wisdom and a vast increase in free time, aging does unfortunately bring with it negatives such as frailty and a decline in physical health. It is therefore important that we help our elders, along with our future generations, maintain their independence throughout later life.


Whilst our older generations wish to continue living independently, impairments can make it significantly more difficult for them to do so. And sometimes , completing even the simplest of tasks can be a real challenge.


A subsequent lack of independence can place stress on the individual and their family members, who, of course, likely have busy lives to lead. And for the older generations, spending large amounts of time alone can lead to loneliness; something which has been strongly linked to the onset of dementia.


In a study conducted by, 35% of people with dementia that they spoke to report that they have felt lonely recently. This is just one of the reasons that our CEO, Phil, developed Sentai; a smart device with predictive intelligence that acts as a companion for those who live alone. The ultimate aim was to create a live-in device that would bring comfort and relief to all those involved with senior care – from monitoring day-to-day tasks, to maintaining social connections.


The downloadable iOS & Android mobile app means that you, the guardian, can keep track of all your loved one’s activities whilst you aren’t present – and you’ll be alerted of anything that may need urgent attention.


So, how exactly can a Sentai device help your loved one live more independently?



Monitor Day-to-Day Tasks

When given the responsibility of caring for a loved one, it can be difficult to try and maintain a work-life balance. Our Sentai device is specifically designed to take care of the things you usually would – which is particularly useful during the time that you are unable to be there.


One of the most useful functions of the Sentai device is its ability to monitor day-to-day tasks. Setting daily reminders for timed activities, such as taking medication, will ensure that your loved one doesn’t miss out on anything whilst you’re not there.


Your loved one may also find it more difficult to complete certain tasks on their own. If you regularly read to your loved one, the Sentai device can take over this task for you with its ‘audiobook’ feature. Similarly, your loved one can continue to make social connections not only with its conversational style interaction feature, but also with its ability to make (and receive) phone calls to friends and family.


Monitors Behaviour Patterns & Movement

If your loved one is moving a little less than usual, the Sentai smart device will pick up on this and alert you. Similarly, if your loved one has a fall and cannot communicate this to anybody, this will be recognised by the sensor and alert you straight away via the mobile app.


If necessary, the Sentai device can self-escalate to deal with emergencies, having the ability to directly contact the emergency services.


Voice Recognition & Organisational Skills

The Sentai device will recognise your – and your loved one’s – voices, allowing for a seamless, personalised experience for whoever is using it. Any commands can be facilitated with the simple pressing of a button.


As the guardian, you’ll no longer need to take sole responsibility for organising daily schedules. The Sentai device will assist with this, using pattern/behaviour mapping and predictive conversation to create a personalised schedule.


Two-Way Communication

You’ll be kept up-to-date with everything your loved one needs – from shopping lists, to house upkeep. The Sentai device will share reminders, lists and recommendations with both you and your loved one, allowing you to stay up-to-date whilst you’re on the go, whilst ensuring that all the important tasks are never forgotten.


Seamless Independence for Your Loved One

The Sentai device, above all else, is a discreet, yet essential way for you to continue caring for your loved one whilst you continue with your daily responsibilities. It’s a chance for your loved one to continue living as independently as possible, giving them the confidence to continue doing things they enjoy without fear.


No older individual should feel afraid or unable to live a fulfilling life At Sentai, it’s our wish to help those living alone to live independently, for longer. To find out more about our device, or to speak to a member of our team, you can contact us here.