3-months ago I was worried about my 92-year-old Dad who was living on his own.

This all changed thanks to Sentai!

Hello, I am Phil, the founder of Sentai.

The story of Sentai is very personal to me and I thought it might relate to some of you reading this.

My Dad started losing some of his independence, when my Mum, his wife for over 65 years passed away several years ago.

Slowly he became more dependent on me, but still wants to live independently in his own, their family home.


When I was not there, I worried that he might have an emergency or have a fall and not be able to reach anyone. I worried that he was getting lonely or forgetting to take his medication. I needed to constantly visit and leave post-it notes everywhere so that he didn’t forget important reminders. My life was being consumed with care duties but I always felt like I should be doing more.

I discovered that I was not alone and millions of people like me in the UK have the same concerns and issues with someone they love dearly.

This is why me, and our fantastic Sentai team set about using technology to provide peace of mind for people in the same position.

I am one of the lucky ones

I have been using Sentai with my Dad for a few months now, and although I am biased, it has transformed my life and relationship with my Dad.

Being voice based, he doesn't need to learn how to use something new or technical, Sentai just talks to him and he can talk back.

Everyday, on my personal Sentai app I can see when he is out of bed and moving about. I even get a notification if there has been no movement after a certain time.

If he needs anything from the shops, rather than writing it down or trying to remember, he simply clicks the clicker button and tells Sentai what he needs and Sentai adds it to the shopping list in my app

I have the peace of mind in knowing that if he does have any problem he can hold down the clicker button and tell Sentai he needs help. Immediately, my phone will notify me what is wrong and whether he is near a phone so that I can call him

Not only will Sentai remind him when it is time to take his medication it will also remind him what to take if he forgets. It will even notify me if he cannot take them for whatever reason.

What does it do for him?

Due to the advanced reminders that I can set in the app, he feels more independent as Sentai will remind him about the important things, or even when his favourite show is on TV. He no longer misses a meal, Sentai will gently remind him of meal times, and he always has a glass of water with a meal to stay hydrated. Now, when I ask whether he has eaten he rolls his eyes and says "I don't have a choice with Grace [just one of the voices in Sentai] reminding me"

No replacement

Sentai will never replace the need for human care and attention, but from my personal experience I get peace of mind when I cannot be there. The quality of our interactions is better as I don't need to try to work out what has and hasn't been done.


Of course there are other options we could, and have, considered. Ranging from day care to a nursing home, but this misses out the important factor that he wants to be in his home living independently. And there is the matter of cost.

One size doesn't fit all

I recognise that this is a complex matter and not one size fits all. If this story is anything like you are going through, I recommend you give Sentai a try and so that you too can enjoy the benefits that Sentai gives you and you too can receive the peace of mind we are all looking for.

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