Recognised as the best of British Innovation 2020

Watching over the user while keeping the family informed

Sentai is different, and redefines new ways to care for someone.

Taking care of the day-to-day, reminding, alerting and talking with the user. Detecting and reporting on what seems normal and what doesn't look quite right.

Unlike other passive devices and alarms on the market Sentai learns from each interaction becoming more and more helpful over time.






Sentai reinvents the way that we care for our senior loved ones

Talk to me

Sentai uses voice to communicate with your loved one and the user simply talks back. No technical apps or smart phones for the older person to worry about.

No remembering what to say, simply click a button and Sentai will be there to serve.

Remind me

As well as important things such as medication, meal times and making sure they are drinking enough, the family can send customised reminders to the older person ranging from making sure they're ready for a visitor, to putting out the bins for collection.

Connect me

A connected family results in peace of mind and better quality interactions.

Sentai gives you the insight that the user is moving about the house and carrying on with their regular day, but will send alerts to the family if a regular pattern is broken.

What's the cost?

You choose, a simple monthly or annual subscription.

Requires: Wifi Connection, Amazon Alexa
Note: Companion app works only on Apple iOS (not iPad mini)

The quick start guide will have you up and running in no time at all

Follow our simple steps to start getting immediate peace of mind


Download the app and complete some basic information and we'll walk you through linking your Alexa device to Sentai.


In no time at all we'll get you to set up your Sentai Sensors and Clicker.

At this point Sentai will wake from a deep sleep and you will be introduced to the main Sentai characters.


The app will guide you through some basic configuration and how to link with any family members or carers.

Designed for carers by carers

Peace of mind from getting real-time alerts and notifications whenever you need them


Packed with useful features

From medication reminders, to interactive shopping lists. Sentai is packed with features to make the everyday easier. Communication with families and carers via the Sentai app ensures that timely alerts and notifications are received.

What are people saying about Sentai?

Phil, 50​ Wiltshire

‘I instantly felt the pressure of caring for dad release when we plugged in Sentai started to immediately understand his daily patterns and what area he might need some more help'

I can time my visits for a cup of tea when I know that he is up and about.'

Chloe, 35​ Worcestershire

‘After 20 years of providing care, the fact I can check dad is up & about and taken his pills -  at the tap of an app is such a relief’​

David, 42​ Gloucestershire

'I want us to have quality conversations instead of ‘check-ins’. With Sentai I have that. I know mum’s ok before I pick up the phone so we can actually focus on proper conversations.'

Contactless delivery

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Finance options

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